All of these services are precluded with a free consult via phone or Marco Polo where we can discuss your needs and see if I am a good fit to help you, or if there is someone else I can refer you to.

Business & Social Media Consult

Have questions about running a business, want to know more about my process or manufacturers? Or do you see me on social media and want to know some of the tips and tricks I can teach you? I offer options for one-on-one learning with digital products coming soon!

  • 30 minutes = $35
    This fee includes 30 minutes of my time to answer your questions.
  • 1 hr = $75
    This fee includes 30 minutes of me giving a basic overview with a physical learning packet. I base your learning on your existing level of understanding of social media. The last 30 minutes is allotted for any questions you might have.

My social media knowledge is strongest on Facebook, including running Facebook ads, as well as Instagram.

Brainstorm Session

Feel like you have blind spots? Need a creative edge for a next step in your business? I am an ideas person. Let’s chat about your business and any ideas that I might have to help you bust through your blockage.

Some of the things I can help with are websites, ad copy, marketing ideas, even different directions you might be able to explore with your business.

  • 1 hr = $75
    This fee includes 1 hour discussing your business and any ideas I might have for you. It also includes a follow-up package of any thoughts or ideas or research that come after reviewing your current position.
  • 2 hrs = $150
    This fee includes 2 hour discussing your business and any ideas I might have for you. It also includes a follow-up package of any thoughts or ideas or research that come after reviewing your current position.
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Creative Services

If you are looking for my creative services, you can find them listed here.