A Tribute to the Mighty Morels

To those of you that don’t know, I own a small business called The PNW Dream where I use my artwork to sell handmade clothing. I create prints and have a manufacturer transfer the art onto organic cotton and sew the material into clothing from there.

You can imagine that I love creating more and more prints, in order to make room as new prints come in, some older prints need to move out. This time, we are saying farewell to our Mighty Morels.

Mighty Morel Print ©RogueRenPNW

Our beloved Mighty Morel print. Inspired by the passion that people have in this region for those tasty little fungi. Believe it or not, I’ve never had them! I have certainly wanted to! I think my hope is to have someone teach me how to hunt for them so that I can try them out!

The Origin

Well, people often ask me how I do my prints. Most of the ones currently in store (other than one of the spring prints coming with the new launch), are done digitally on my iPad Pro. I find it so much easier with two small children, I can pick up, put down, and sit wherever I need to to get some sketching in.

The Mighty Morel started on a piece of paper.

Original sketch of Mighty Morels ©RogueRenPNW

It was a process from here, of getting it scanned in and finding the colors. Color, in a textile print, is the most important part. At the time, I was relying on an app to help me look at palette options.

I settled on two possibilities.

I’ll be honest with you, I did another version of this on my iPad Pro, but I could not for the life of me remember what my intentions were with it!

Digital working of the Mighty Morel ©RogueRenPNW

This piece might be worth revisiting, just to see where it goes!

The Clothing

Looking back at my kids in some of the morel clothing we offered…


What’s really crazy to me, is looking back at the other photos from a year from now.

First of all, unlike today in Spokane, WA, we were further along onto the brink of spring! Although, to be fair, I have heard many birds lately and its been wonderful!

Snow drops in March 2018

I was also still running my original little blanket company called VulpeMica! The PNW Dream had not yet been born last march, believe it or not!

Blankets from when I owned VulpeMica (how I started out)

My daughter was still in a stroller! This one is shocking to me.

My kids eating alarmingly blue desserts.

And finally… it was a year ago that I took this sweet picture of my daughter and her daddy…

My husband and my baby girl at a park.

Well, that was quite a trip down memory lane. Thank you Mighty Morels. Its been a super fun run! Onto new things, I couldn’t be more excited for our spring launch everyone. April 6th is the tentative launch date, make sure to mark your calendars!

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